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Subject: An inquiry to share a message with your audience regarding the Spanish civil war, exiles and the return to Spain.
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2018 11:49:27 +0200

My name is Mauricio Escobar Deras (from the USA) and I am a PhD student at the University of Granada (Spain) at the Institute of Migrations.

I am currently analyzing the return to Spain of Spanish Republican exiles, be they women, men or children. It does not matter if that return was temporary or permanent.

I am in the process of documenting and writing about this subject in order to give voice to the life stories and return strategies of the exiles. To carry out this project, I am working with Dr. Lidia Bocanegra, specialist in exile and my thesis director. She manages the e-project e-xiliad @ s,

I would like to ask you if possible to forward this email those people who have or have had a relationship with the issue of the return of the republican exile, whether they are relatives or not of exiles, and want to share their stories with me can do so through the following questionnaire:

Or if possible, place it in a news or notice page on your site. I believe it is invaluable to know the full story of all individuals, including those that returned to their country of origin. 

Thank you very much.

Mauricio Escobar