BCA'37 Notices #4

Welcome to our 4th Newsletter. It is not our intention to send these out weekly, but at the moment there is a lot happening, so we want you to be kept up-to-date!

Enriqueta Maíz Estéban
We have received the sad message from Carmen Smith of the death of her mother Enriqueta Maíz Estéban on March 29th, aged 95. She had been suffering from advanced dementia.
You can read more in our obituaries section here.

Events in Euskadi
We are involved with the three events in Euskadi shown below:


XII. Jornadas por el Derecho a la Educación: refugiados de ayer y de hoy - Aula Magna de la Facultad de la Educación, Filosofía y Antropología, UPV/EHU Exposición- Centro Carlos Santamaría UPV/EHU, Programme 9.00 am onwards
Includes presentation by Carmen Kilner BCA'37 UK, in Spanish.
Progamme details here & Exhibition details here

NEW! 2nd May - BILBAO

British Council. Azkuna Zentroa - Arriquíbar Plaza, 4, 48010 Bilbo 7.30pm - 20.30pm
Talk "The Basque Children Evacuated to Great Britain (and something about my mother)" by Carmen Kilner (in English)
Seats are limited, so if you wish to attend please contact Barbara.Littlewood@britishcouncil.org.

4th May - BILBAO

Euskadiko Artxibo Historikoa / Archivo Histórico de Euskadi en Bilbao -Sala de Conferencias del Archivo Histórico de Euskadi/ Artxivos Euskadiko, María Díaz de Haro 3 48013 BILBAO, 19.00h
Parte de una serie de conferencias, exposiciones y mesa redonda entre abril y noviembre. Agur, haurrok! Los niños vascos evacuados a Gran Bretaña
Idioma: castellano
Conferenciante: Carmen Kilner, hija de la maestra número 73, Ana María González Garate, que salió en el Habana.

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