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Passengers on the 'Habana'

¡Salvad a los Niños!

Main source material

'¡Salvad a los Niños!' Historia del Exilio Vasco en Gran Bretaña, 1937 - 1940.
By Gregorio Arrien
Published by Sabino Arana Fundazioa, 2014.

[Gregorio Arrien gave kind permission for us to quote freely from his book.]

The following is a transcription of Arrien's preliminary note to Appendix VI where the list appears, followed by its translation.

Apendice VI Relación completa de niños que formaron parte de la expedición británica.
Los datos referentes al momento y lugar de regreso se han obtenido a partir de las fichas y documentos pertinentes. Los nombres de los que, probablemente, no viajaron aparecen señalados con asterisco "*". Los que fallecieron en Gran Bretaña con anterioridad a 1948, llevan una cruz "†". La raya "-" significa que no constan o se desconocen los datos relativos a la fecha de la vuelta y destino de los interesados.

Appendix VI. Full list of children who were part of the British expedition.
The data concerning the time and place of return have been obtained from the relevant files and documents. The names of those who probably did not travel are marked with an asterisk "*". Those who died in Britain before 1948, are marked with a cross "†". The dash "-" means that data relating to the date of return and destination are not known.

Note to the current lists

In Arrien's list, a lack of information is shown by "-". In these lists it is replaced by "?".

Identification numbers that are duplicated are highlighted in yellow.

Note: The asterisk markings used as in Arrien's notes above are not always consistent for whatever reason.
Some children have an asterisk, implying as above that they did not travel;
and then have information about date of leaving UK, suggesting that they did come to UK.