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Commemorative Plaques

A major endeavour with which we have become involved is the erection of Blue Plaques to mark the sites of previous colonies and to acknowledge the care and support of the local people.

It involves contacting and liaising with local councils, historical societies, and local papers. It often unearths surprising new facts, details, memories and occasionally a new niño or niña is found, so these can be a very emotional event all round!

These popular events are always well supported locally, and, together with the publicity they produce, have become a valuable way of educating the public and attracting interest in our Association.

The plaque outside the Southampton City Library commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the niños' arrival at Southampton.

The plaque erected in Montrose commemorates the only Basque children's colony in Scotland.

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List of plaques

The following is a list of the Blue Plaques that have been erected by the Association at the sites of previous colonies:
Almondbury — Old Clergy House, Almondbury, Huddersfield (November 2013) - See Report and Gallery
Montrose — Mall Park House, Mall Park Road, Montrose, Scotland (October 2008)
Southampton — Civic Centre, Southampton (May 2007)
Worthing — Beach House, Brighton Road, Worthing, Sussex (May 2007)
Hull — Sutton Care Home, Sutton-on-Hull (formerly Elm Trees) (November 2006)
Cambridge — 1 Salisbury Villas, Station Road, Cambridge (May 2005)
Caerleon — Pendragon House, 18, Cross Street, Caerleon, South Wales (October 2004)
Aston — Westfield House, Aston, Bampton, Nr Witney, Oxfordshire (formerly St Joseph's) (July 2003)