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Aston, OXFORDSHIRE - Westfield House (St Joseph’s)

Aston, OXFORDSHIRE - Westfield House (St Joseph’s)
Westfield House, Bampton Road, Aston, Bampton, Oxfordshire OX18 2BU
July 1937
Witney BCC (mainly, together with NJC)
Chairman: Patrick Early
Ma Teresa Mayoral
Pilar Merodio
Other helpers:
Edwin Edwards
Cora Blyth (later Portillo)
Luis Portillo
Annie Wheeler
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Short notes

  • 25 boys and 15 girls arrived at Aston one month after arriving at Southampton.
  • Funding was partly from local groups/supporters, partly from NJC (National Joint Committee [for Spanish Relief]).
  • Ma Teresa Mayoral served from Jul 1937 to Aug/Sept 1938.
  • After Srta Mayoral's departure Pilar Merodio took charge, assisted by the eldest child in the colony Enriqueta (Ketty) Maiz.
  • After closing in 1939, the remaining children moved to Witney.

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