The Colonies

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Overview of the Colonies

The colonies were set up all over the UK, mainly in England and Wales. Generally there was tremendous goodwill towards the young refugees and many local people gave their time and money to help ensure the success of the colonies, many taking the young niños into their homes.

Not all colonies, though, were successfully run, not all the children were made welcome, nor did all the niños behave like angels. But overall the colonies were a success and a testament to the generosity and humanity of the British nation.

Many of you visiting this website will be related to niños who were placed in the various colonies around the UK. Some of you may have even been at these colonies. Worthing Plaque Others of you may have been involved with the niños in some of the ways mentioned, still others may just be interested in these places and the people who stayed there.

Directory of the Colonies

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Articles on the Colonies

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Catalogues of Basque Children Refugees

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Questions to think about:
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