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Brampton, CUMBRIA - Children's Hostel

Brampton, CUMBRIA - Children's Hostel
Children's Hostel, Oulton Terrace, Gelt Road, Brampton CA8 1QE
(now private houses)
Walter Leonard
Alastair Morton (chair Spanish Relief Committee)
Carlisle Trades Council
Lady Cecelia Roberts, son Wilfred Roberts MP (Secretary of BCC) and other family members
mid-June 1937
End of May 1939
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Short notes

  • Formerly Brampton Workhouse
  • Photo: Brampton Workhouse in 1958 prior to demolition
    Carlisle Image Bank: ct04535

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Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society: Series 3, Vol. 19 (2019), 231-250
by Dr Rob David [with permission of the Society to publish this article]

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