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Huddersfield, WEST YORKSHIRE - Old Clergy House, Almondbury

Huddersfield, WEST YORKSHIRE - Old Clergy House, Almondbury
The Old Clergy House, Almondbury, Nr Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
20 boys aged 7-12
28 July 1937
22 June 1939
Local BCC (mainly), actively led by the Mayor of Huddersfield: Cllr Joseph Barlow and the Chairman of the House Committee: Mrs W. Lawton
Soledad Gorriño
Hilaria Alonso
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Short notes

  • The children seem to have stayed the whole time here and not been moved around.

Articles concerning this colony

Huddersfield — Huddersfield and the Spanish Civil War
Alan Brooke March 2009
[First published in the Huddersfield Local History Society Journal]

Account of the unveiling of the blue plaque at Almondbury, Huddersfield — by Carmen Kilner

Basque Refugees in Huddersfield, 1937-1939 

The Clergy House - 1898 - Almondbury, Huddersfield 

Plaque Remembers Basque Refugee Children 

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