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por Javier Hernando Ortega
by Javier Hernando Ortega, translation by Lita Power
by Gerald Hoare
por Gerald Hoare, traducido por Maria Dolores Power
by José Luis Duo, translation by Maria Dolores Power
por José Luis Duo Goldaracena
by Maria Dolores Power
por Maria Dolores Power
by Dr Edward Packard
by Dr Edward Packard
by Joshua James Burns
by Dr Edward Packard
by Martin Murphy
sent by Begoñia Abiega
by Peter Anderson
by Mike Levy
by Gregorio Arrien
by Gregorio Arrien [English translation here]
by Adrian Blazquez Lindblad
This undergraduate dissertation was submitted to us for publication on our website by Adrian Blazquez Lindblad - who then went on to be awarded a first class degree.
by Carmen Kilner
by John Simmons
by Karen Robson, Head of Archives, University of Southampton
by Carmen Kilner
by Meirian Jump
[Published in Oxoniensia, Vol LLXXII, 2007]
by Isabella Brown
An undergraduate dissertation submitted to the Department of History - Durham University and published with the permission of the author and of the University.
[Isabella is now a graduate - our congratulations!]
by Gianluca Urdiroz Agati
Review by María Dolores Power
Article by Dr Edward Packard
- published in The online journal Childhood Remixed May 2018
Review by Simon Martinez
Review by Simon Martinez
Article by Gerald Hoare and Simon Martinez
Article by José María López-Dafonte Sanjuán
Article by Anna Cordon
Article by Richard Graves (Leicestershire Historian, Vol. 52 (2016) & Vol. 53 (2017))
Review by Ed Packard
Article by Neil Robson, with acknowledgements to the publisher: The Wandsworth Historical Society
Article by Mark Phillimore
Article by Forbes Inglis
Article by Gary Willis: submitted as part of his MRes in Historical Research, University of London
Article by Simon Martinez
Article by Simon Martinez
Article by Simon Martinez
Article by David Crowe: dissertation successfully submitted in part fulfilment of a BA (Hons) History degree to the University of Chichester.
Article by Claire Hignett
Article by Simon Martínez
A presentation, consisting of illustrated slides, by Roger Vlitos, Curator and Archivist of the Faringdon Collection. It is shown on our website by kind permission of Lord Faringdon.
Article by Don Watson
Article by Don Watson
Press article Sunday Post, 21 July 1985
Article by Carmen Coupland
Article by Ted Martin in the Loughton and District Historical Society Newsletter 181 March/April 2009
Article by Natalia Benjamin
Huddersfield and the Spanish Civil War - article by Alan Brooke March 2009
First published in the Huddersfield Local History Society Journal
Newspaper article Witney Gazette, 5 May 1939
Article by Natalia Benjamin
2011 BC'37A UK Annual Lecture, given by Nick Rankin
2009 (inaugural) BC'37A UK Annual Lecture, given by given by Dr Tom Buchanan
Article by Cliff Kirkpatrick
A talk given by Prof. Michael Alpert at the Marx Memorial Library, 21st June 2008.
Article in Special Collections Newsletter, Spring 2008. University of Southampton.
From the chapter on her father, Edgar Phillips, in "Home Hills and Beyond",
autobiography by Wendy Henningsson

Specific Articles about some of the Colonies

Note: There may be further articles about specific colonies in the general articles section (further up this page)

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