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To coincide with the 80th Annniversary commemorations, The Association began, in March 2017, to send a series of "Notices" by email (eNotices), initially to publicise more widely the many commemorative events being held, but more generally to publicise our activities.

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Notices #11 - Next Events and Latest News Notices #10 - Events, Exhibitions and Reports Notices #9 - July events and news Notices #8 - June and July events Notices #7 - Latest news and more 80th anniversary events Notices #6 - Latest news and upcoming events Notices #5 - 26th April 26th 1937 - 26th April 2017 Notices #4 - Enriqueta Maíz Estéban and Events in Euskadi Notices #3 - Major Addition to our Resources Notices #2 - 80 Anniversary Events Notices #1 - Introduction

NOTE: Some links in the above have been changed as the target pages are no longer available.